Level 3 : 3D Animation

Challenge Details

For this project we would like you to create a short animation sequence (25fps @ 1080p) you can use a pre rigged model if you wish so long as there is permission given from the model creator.

The shot can explore any stylistic avenue but must be synced up to the supplied audio clip. Make a short 3D animation no more than 10 seconds in length in the style of your choosing, we want you to show off your animation abilities to convey the audio from the the clip.

We want you to demonstrate the following four stages and in each stage you are expected to demonstrate your skills and knowledge in the areas highlighted. You should be able to discuss your production process through a short blog or Vlog as you create the final sequence.


The 12 principles of animation need to be evident in your final work demonstrating your ability to tell the story of the sounds you have chosen to the audience.


Stage 1

  • Statement of intent – Your initial response to the sound problem
  • Short storyboard demonstrating shot composition, frame timings and camera changes
  • Mood board demonsting colour palette you intend to use and artistic style
  • Concept sheets for models you need to create (if any are required in the shot)

Stage 2

  • Animation block outs. Short videos showing the realisation of stage 1 in stepped keyframes composited with the audio clip
  • Review feedback from sample audience with response to feedback
  • Demonstration of changes to animation (Block out revision)

Stage 3

  • Animation stage 1 showing animation progression and developments from block out stage.
  • Final Camera cuts and 1st pass edits (can be simple solid playblasts)
  • Inclusion of colour palettes and lighting
  • Render layer element breakdowns

Stage 4

  • Final render
  • Shot review
  • Reflection on the final piece



Project Assessment Criteria



  • Initial statement of intent. Clear idea defined 10 %
  • Concept Mood board – Linked to initial statement (sketchbooks, pdf’s) 10 %
  • Reference acquisition (including copyright) – Listing of source materials used in the production 10 %
  • (Licenses for all used plug-ins, but the purpose here is not not use any plug-ins but only the stuff that comes with the standard software)
  • Commentary on production process (Blog-Vlog), techniques used, problems solved 20%
  • Final Animation sequence link to 1080p movie (Youtube, Vimeo etc) – 50%




High End 3D website model bank:

HighEnd 3D have been




Youtube –

Original Clip source (Pre edit)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esfKfTBGadg&t=2996s (49:50)


Animation help videos

Kyle Balda channel


Download channel – Basics of animation


Bloop Animation is a blog/YouTube channel about animation and filmmaking.


Yone Santana – Rendering in Maya 2017