Level 5 : VFX

 Challenge: ‘Battle of Britain’

The aim of this visual effects sequence is to produce a 20 second action sequence for a scene that depicts the scene from the ‘Battle of Britain’.  The format should be in HD 1080p and the duration of the footage should be no longer than 20 seconds (25fps).

The animation should include a dramatic sound track and synced to the action that is taken place for the visual effects.  Sound effects should also be used that depicted the effects from engine sounds, tracer fire, smoke effects, bullet hits, surface destruction, etc.

At each stage you should be able to provide evidence of the pre-production process of research and context for your initial production ideas.  Following on from your pre-production and into production of the visual effects for the animation high-lighting the production tools to generate the visual effect animation and into final production of the finished sequence in post-production. This can be evidence through a short Blog or Vlog at each stage of the production.

Aesthetic Considerations:

Particle Animation: Fluid effects (Smoke; particle trails); Clouds;

Dynamic Animation: Collision; Debris; Cartridges; tracer-fire;

Dynamic Cameras: Camera Paths; Camera-cuts;

Sound Effects: Sound track; Sound Effects;

Visuals Considerations:

Pre-production Stage:

  • Research document; Includes reference to models, environments (cloudscapes), time of day (Morning; day time; evening (Dusk));
  • Mood boards: assets list; colour palette; artistic style;
  • Story board: Composition; Camera cuts; frame timings
  • Concept sheets; concept images;


Production Stage:

  • Block-out animation; Pre-vis of Storyboard;
  • Animation timing with sound track and sound effects;
  • Design development for visual impact and changes to animation vfx;


Post production Stage:

  • Production of Animation to final edit with updates of sound effects and visual effects pass;
  • Final Camera cuts and edits in composition;
  • Added Post effects in editing software with colour correction and lighting;
  • Render composition breakdown of visual effect treatments to final visual effects sequence;


Final Production:

  • Final Rendered VFX;
  • VFX breakdown and review;
  • Critical reflection of Finish VFX;

VFX Assessment Criteria:

  • Research documentation;
  • Mood boards; Story boards;
  • Pre-vis; Animatics;
  • Software and plugins using industry standards software in Visual Effects Industry;
  • Production report; Blog or Vlog; production pipe-line;
  • Final VFX – Full HD resolution Movie;



Dunkirk 2017 (Film);

Battle of Britain 1969 (Film);

Royal Airforce Museum: https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/